Thursday, July 31, 2008


So me and christina went to qdoba today.
Probably thee best mexican food you will ever eat.
Plus I havent been there since the begining of summer.
So it felt even more special, because I had waited soo long.
We had a very interesting talk.
But thats not suprising because everytime you hang out with christina we have AWESOME talks.
She is turely awesome and if anyone ever wants to just talk...christina is the one girl i can def go to.
So we are sitting there eating our queso burrito, which we split,
[those things are as big as new born babies.]
But anyway, we are sitting there and talking about school and how we finally have our own little group. [thefam<3]
Like it is awesome being around people who you can totally be yourself around and they dont judge you. They get you. No need for explainations here.
Then we started talking about how none of us have boyfriends.
and if we did if it would change things.
Like seriously if i had a boyfriend, would i still be able to hang with thefam<3? go to shows and hang with the bands? Who are older guys?
pssht ya right!
my boyfriend would totally be jel.
and judge me and question me and not trust me.
which just creates stress right?
ughhh soo am I wrong about this whole wanting a boyfriend thing with my lifestyle?
I'm so confused.
I want to be going to shows forever and ever.
tay and me already decided we are gonna be still going to shows when we are 40 years old.
We are gonna be the crazy old women that kids cant help but stare at.

this week i just watched video blogs of my favorite bands.
They still act like kids. It's awesome. I want that.

But they also dont have kids, family or a real steady job.

Which brought me and christina to our next topic.
Do I really want kids?
well for today i decided no, i dont. ha

They are just gonna slow me down.
Plus we dont want to turn out like our moms.
Cranky and Stressed all the time.
They dont have time for fun anymore, its always work work work.

I have to be in the music business some how.
I feel like its in my blood.
But i mean if i find the right guy, i could settle down and have a family? maybe...

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