Saturday, July 19, 2008

So I woke up at 2:31pm
And to my suprise my sister was already home.
She was at timberlee [a christian camp or something].
So I showered and stuff and then went say hi to her.
She had this white hat on with a Big "W" printed on the front.
The first thing I said was, "Whos hat is that"
She was on her computer so I hadnt seen her face yet.
But as soon as she lifted her face to greet mine, I knew she had met a boy.
She couldnt stop smiling and talking about this boy she had met.
I am happy for her.
Just because she is probably the nicest person left in this world.
She deserved to meet someone...i guess.

I teared up a little when she was telling me "Their story".
Just because I missed that feeling.
The feeling of unending happiness.
Wondering if this could be love.
I was really happy for her don't get me wrong.
It was just sad to see everyone getting a shot at love but me.
Is it that hard for me to find a guy that takes interest in me just as much I am into him?
My 13 year old sister meeting someone this summer before me, makes me feel frustrated.
He is from WI so its not like this little fling is going anywhere.
But still she meet someone who made her feel, special, loved, and happy.

She told me he was from WI.
Someone from out of state.
I think its this stupid town that keeps me lonely.

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a car crash heart said...

patience makes perfect, and you will get who you deserve without having to waste time in between with pointless guys, i promise=] hes coming.