Wednesday, July 30, 2008

dedicated to my favorite band

Nothing I seem to write is enough, worthy, or up to par.
But I write anyway.
Thats what you do to me.
You say a "thank you" is all you want.
but I owe you my life.
Writing this seems silly because you boys deserve a name more worthy than gold.

I may stray off into liking other bands.
But I know good music because of you.
You started it all.
And I could never forget you becuase
I see you in a little bit of eveything I like.

No matter where you go next, I will follow.
No matter what kind of music you write, I will listen.
No matter who you date or marry, I will be happy for you.
I am happy because you are happy.
That is love.

We care about you,
we are grateful.
And get happiness just from hearing your music.
Your way of words and beats gives us hope.
Music is only thing that gives hope for free these days.

So I guess I'll just say it.

Music is the only thing I will ever believe in
It can never be taken away
It will never not exsist.
It gives us "dead end" teenagers something to believe in when everyone else has let us down.

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