Friday, July 18, 2008

you make me want to run away to chicago
and get lost in the citie's lights I dont ever want to be found...out the lights are soo bright that you cant see my flaws better yet you cant see me all we need to worry about is that we know we are here for eachother lets run away to escape from the standards that we will never measure up to even though most of them come from inside lets forget about those who have made us feel pain we never knew we could feel parts inside of us that we never knew could ache or be broken or put back together just to be shredded up again. lets escape from those hopeful thoughts that you will show up at my window cause we both know that will never happen lets not pretend we are fine and wear our hearts on our sleeves showing all our scars so people can judge us by that instead of all the cover up we wear on top lets remove the patches lets unstich the seems lets spill out our guts and dont hold any back becuase after all, we are humans we all bleed the same. i'm ready for change, are you?

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