Sunday, October 5, 2008


so i love making new friends
especially concert friends
and especially cause It was bound to happen sooner or later haha

but yes yesterday was fun
The frantic at penny road pub was awesome
those boys blow me away every time i see them
I just love watching people perform
and kudos to Kyle and Brett for being sick and still going on and playing an awesome show!
"Lone star girls are crazy"
wow i'm glad i almost fell over and died when i heard that song...bahahahhaha

well the rest of the day was legit fun aswell...
eating and hanging out at panda with some awesome girls was qual
then i hung out with christina....
hahaha we just had too much fun
she put in my extentions and she looked fucking awesome
then sat in my car with the seats all the way down and just talked talked and talked..about everything hahaha
"Baking love" yes we made a new phrase
haha then off to hang with an awesome kid, keeth
this kid idk he amazes me to no end...end of story

but yes then went to tays and hung for a tiny bit and then back home for mee
talked to some awesome people online
got my heart broken again by the cubs...
Its funny how us cubs fans never get used to that feeling of losing
hmm yes they have taught what tough love is..hmm yes

ok well hopefull im going to see danger today downtown
shall be a grand time =]=]=]

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