Thursday, October 2, 2008


I play
so i can forget
save me
block out their screams
suddenly it's only me and my keys
playing to one uplifting melody
say a prayer with eyes shut and breath held
now I'm gone....

hmmm if you ever come to my house and it is quite...something is very wrong
I swear all everyone does is wonder i always have a headache
and yes i admit i like to argue and yell but walk in my shoes for a day
and you will see why i am the way i am...

alright go learn something new, if you dont your brain will turn to mush..seriously

i just learned save by the rocket summer on the piano

and i feel so much better =]

1 comment:

brandUn DeShay said...

id love to challenge you on the keys.

i just found a place to play til midnight at my school so its legit.

you should record some stuff.