Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's finally getting colder
you change like the leaves from summer to fall
It's that uncomfortable chill that dances up and down my spine
makes me want to tremble
Fall feels a bit different this year
they say you learn from the best
and if your "the best" i will have no problem settling for less
She cries and wonders what she did wrong
but you wouldn't know this, only we do
you are out doing as you please
leaving her to sleep alone
in that cold empty bed that makes her feel small
Every little girl wants to believe that her dad is superman
that guy who makes all her problems disappear
but tell me
what happens when superman doesn't want to be the super hero anymore?
It's the fact that you gave in, you quit, you threw in the towel with time still left on the clock
It's disappointing and it hurts
and you know what?
i still love you, not that I could ever switch that off
but sometimes I wish i had that button
just to tell you how i really feel, the way your making everyone else feel
but your my family,
and when your family you back each other up
Just like if you wanted a serious opinion on a new song you wrote
you would never go ask your family what they thought
because of course they would answer "I love it!"
So this sickness of love is making my heart feel heavy
Once you've lost they say you won the game of love.
So I guess I've won, now whats the prize?

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