Wednesday, October 8, 2008

no tttyg part 2

and you know what?
I' m ok with that

if fall out boy gave in and wrote another album like tttyg
which would be impossible because those boys are never gonna be 16/17 years old again.
they are never gonna have real feelings for some chick and wish she would just,
"Choke on those words that kiss that bottle" again

If they wrote another album like tttyg they would be giving the public what they want,
They would just be writing what YOU KIDS wants to hear.
and for all you punk-ass kids(who used to be fob fans) who say fob only writes for the public and media...your soo far wrong its not even funny

if they were writing songs just to please people
they would be pleasing you

and guess what, they aren't
they are writing about stuff that actually matters to them, their real feelings on issues
that stupid kids like you don't understand

musicians are artist
they are the people with the megaphone
expressing what they feel

they shouldn't be business men dying to sell us their "Product"
so they are gonna write what THEY want to write
and if you don't like it..fuck it, don't buy the cd

sorry for the rant...
i just thought that was important and I needed to get that out there

p.s go read patrick stumps interview on
i read it a couple days ago and fell right back in love with him =]
he mentions a lot of stuff i wrote up there and more soo check it out