Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday, and these open doors are open ended

Wilmette IL is prob one of my favorite places ever...
and not just because pete wentz is from thurr...
but because its everything palatine isn't

So today christina, taylor and I went on a little road trip down there
first we made a stop at Homers for a qual dinner...
and let me tell you, they have thee tastiest frys iv ever eaten

Then of course it was off to the beachhhh

in my opinion a beach is prettier at night
during the day you are distracted by all the people and things that cover up its beauty
but by night you only feel the sand between your toes and hear the crashing of the waves.
You take the beach for what its worth, its naked beauty.

and yes everytime I leave there, i bring the sand back home with me.

"they can take take take the kids from the summer, but they can never never never wash the sand from my feet."


drove back to palatine
visited alanna at work
then drove past Penny Road Pub
wow like really 5 min away from the twinnies house

closest show i think we will ever go to
Oct 4th...come quicker!

speaking of shows....
i get to see the rocket summer in 4 days
shit son im excited

bryce avary at the metro...haha my dream come true =] =] =]

oh and to make it more exciting...TAYLOR IS COMING WITH MEEE...[knock on wood]
fuck, i havent been to a show with her... since CIWWAF..gahhh

ok well im gonna pass out...soo pazz

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Danno_Brutality™ said...

you know how you said "[knock on wood]" well doesnt taylor live on wood? hahahha