Friday, September 5, 2008

all we are, is a lost puzzle piece...

So lately I've just been hearing all these stories
how people aren't accepting of who/how others are

you think you are friends and then the next moment
your the talk that rolls of their tongue

Some people just get so cocky that their head gets too big and rolls off their shoulder

Let people express themselves
let them be comfortable in their skin
after all, its who we are
now, how can that be wrong?

just becuase all of a sudden someone starts listening to the same bands as you
doesnt mean they are "posers"
maybe they just really found their nitch
[a song that gives them hope]
or finally are happy with themselves

maybe they were hiding behind a mask all these years
and finally got the guts to take it off

and now you judge them for it?

you dont know the whole story...
think before you speak

we are all a lost puzzle piece
looking for our place
if you dont fit into a certain puzzle,
promise me you won't change your shape

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