Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dear ***,

Your begining to sound

like that broken record

i threw out last week,

with your "I'm Sorry"s

and "Wont happen again"s

Just remember, I threw that record out and got myself one that wont repeat itself.

Here's to you, the one thats dead to me...

Well on a higher note... appreciate your life
I'm sick of people complaining about how their life sucks...

we all have something to be thankful for
there's no denying that...

1 comment:

Lala said...

this reminds me of my three words


And... i think this is really good. everyone always has that one person in their life where they are like a broken record with their mistakes and such. Its great of you to put it in words....

well what i guess i was saying, is i love how you look at more of just the "iloveyoubutyoudontlovememylifesucks" kind of poems. its actual life.

im sorry if that did not make sence... one day all of you will beable to translate my weird way of speaking.