Tuesday, November 11, 2008


you can't get over the fact that we are so different
you brought up this past summer
you told someone who drove around Chicago for a half hour to save your ass, that you didn't know if you should consider each other friends
you thought you were doing me a favor
you are one of the biggest shit talkers i know and not once have i ever called you out on it
or told your best friend that you sometimes can't stand her.
I called you a dumbass
thats it,
a dumbass
a word meaning" a stupid person"
that doesnt mean i hate you or don't want to be your friend
you went downtown with little money and then walked around at 11:00 pm by yourselves
if you think that is smart, then find me someone else who agrees with you.
when did you get so cocky?
i really would like to know

i'm sticking to my word
i'm not mad
i did not cry over you

writing is a way to express yourself
and set everything out in front of you
so it doesn't get trapped inside and eat you away

I want this to all make sense
so this is how i feel

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