Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do what you are afraid to do...

*this is a rant, meaning it doesn't flow... sorry!

life sucks. It is a one way street. You are not allowed to stop and turn around and redo.
there is no map, written out for which way to stop or turn.
you never know if you are on the right road
The hardest thing to say to someone is always worthwhile
people don't make sense
people don't know what they want
because of fear or regret
people like facts.
It is harder to live on hopes and dreams
that is where we come to that infamous fork in the road
I always tell myself this,
You either try and get everything or don't bother and get nothing.
don't depend on anyone but yourself.
always be yourself
or else down the road you won't be happy and you will be surrounded by the wrong people.
people learn from mistakes.
we need a balance.
one person can make your day.
one qual conversation can make my week.
things won't get better unless you get off your ass and do it yourself
[obama can't make this change happen by himself, we the people need to change and take action, it is not only the president that needs to change, it is the people who live here]
america the ignorant
Change happens over a long long period of time.
don't expect anything and you will never be let down.

me thinking [i wish there were less educated voters rather then more uneducated voters in this country....sorry]

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