Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 days left...

2 days left of the most amazing summer of my life. really.
no summer has ever been more eventful and uneventful at the same time.
-sorry if that doesnt make sense- but i understand
This summer i have achieved almost everything i have been building up for.
I have a feeling the relationships i made this summer are going to be relationships worth working at and keeping.
If I met myself a year ago of how i am know, id be soo fucking jealous.
Just with how i dress, what music i listen to and, the people i hang out with.
I seriously made a huge transformation.
Shout out to all the band kids [ or men haha] ive met this year. whether they realize it or not they have made me a happier person.

I went to a bonfire at a friends house tonight.
I hung out with some of my guys friends who i havent seen ALL summer.
And sure at first they were like "Woah where have you been all summer"
but then in minutes we were back to picking on eachotherand bringing up old jokes.
i missed them soo much.
Its nice to know that we are close enough where we can be apart but then as soon as we get together its like no time passed at all. =]

So earlier today i was at my grandmas house for dinner.
It was gabrielles last dinner with the fam before leaving for SLU.
And When she said bye to me, i teared up.
In that moment i realized that she was really leaving.
My cousin, best friend. gone. 500 miles away.
Someone who was there for me in the worst times.
The girl who knew exactly how to pick me up when i was down.
She is someone i will always turn to for advice.
We connected on another level this year.
With kairos and issues going on at home.
And I know I'm going to see her one more time on tuesday.
but still i feel like crying.
I never have been apart from her.
It is going to be really tough being without her in my senior year of high school. =[

HOLLY SHEEEEEET duuuude dlsfsdkjfhskjdfhksjdfhkjsdf
I think i am feeling every emotion possible for this year.
I'm mostly stressed.
[probably how im going to be feeling till i die.]
good thing this summmer was soo laid was def a last.

well anyway tay came over today at like 1130pm
and we talked about how we are the only reason why we are excited for high school
This will maybe be the last year of school we will ever have together?!?!
WTF that looks soo weird looking at.
I cant even imagine not having her around everyday....
She is such an inspiration and awesome person that I wish I could be half as deep and intelligent as her.
she really is the best friend anyone could as for.
So hopefully we will stay besties forever and never have to imagine not being friends.
Cause honestly, i dont think i would make it in this twisted world. <3

But tomorrow should be awesome.
bringing my freshmen neighbor in to show her around fremd.
I remember how nervous I was so I def want to help her out.
then back to school shopping with tay. always a fun adventure! =]
Then off to the the Beach with the FAM!
our last night of summer together.
hopefully i dont cry.
Ive been tearing up really easily lately..GREAT.
I'm gonna be a mess on tuesday.[school on wednesday]
not gonna think about it....

alright well im going 2*sleep! ;]

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